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astrology and spiritual life coaching offering life coaching courses, Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT (tapping) as well as astrology readings, psychic tarot readings and spiritual healing.

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About Rozanne

Rozanne is a Spiritual Healer, Spiritual Life Coach, Astrologer, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner and Law of Attraction specialist.

From a very early age I was fascinated by the unseen world, about what lies beyond our ordinary senses. I began to study spiritual practices such as aura reading, astral projection, lucid dreaming and divinatory techniques including rune readings, tarot reading and what was later to become my passion – astrology.

I’m the type of person who went through life never really feeling that I belonged, feeling that earth was a harsh place and having a distant vague memory of somewhere far more warm and loving. Through my later teens and into adulthood I suffered frequent bouts of depression and anxiety. I felt disconnected. I felt there was something that I was looking for that I just couldn’t quite find, like a distant memory that I had forgotten. I was a seeker.

As part of my seeking I went to University to study Religion, Mysticism and Philosophy – this opened up a whole new world to me. Through my education I discovered a wealth of ancient esoteric texts, I discovered the works of Carl Jung, I discovered shamanic practices from around the world. Yet still, something was missing. It was all academic.

Leaving University I was thrown into the matrix world and got a job in the system. For 10 years I worked in Social Work; helping people with disabilities, mental health problems, addictions and various social difficulties. I absolutely loved this job, and all the people I worked with who continue to inspire me to this day. However, that “something” still hadn’t been found, not only that, it seemed to have gotten further away from me. In time for the end of the Mayan Long Count – 2012 – I jumped ship. I left the job, the relationship, the home and I set about finding that “thing” that was missing. I had experienced another layer of spiritual awakening.

This is where I really discovered the power of an Astrology reading. I had my first session with Lyn Birkbeck, Astrologer, author and the person who has supported and inspired me the most on this journey. I got so many answers from that one session alone and my seeking expanded, hungry for more. I trained in various holistic and energy & spiritual healing practices including Massage, Reiki, Reflexology, NLP & hypnotherapy. At some point on that path, I discovered the world of New Thought and the Law of Attraction. I read everything I could on consciousness, quantum physics and the mysteries of life. I began to put what I had learned into practice. It took several years to really understand what it was all about. Sure, we can manifest things- but what it is really about is, as Carl Jung stated, “making the unconscious conscious” so that we can stop being directed by our unconscious mind and calling it fate. It is about becoming the master of our own destiny.

The final piece to my puzzle was correlating Astrology with the Law of Attraction – the two seemed mutually exclusive with Astrology having more of a predestined slant to it. While I was trying to correlate this I had a number of highly traumatic experiences. Experiences that I knew I had to experience to get where I am today- to understand what I needed to understand. Throughout each experience I watched the cosmic clock that is Astrology. I finally got the answer on how to correlate the two.

Spiritual Life Coaching & Astrologer - Rozanne Kay
Rozanne Kay Spiritual Life Coaching and Astrologer

The aim of the game with astrology is to transcend the chart. But to do this, it’s necessary to get into alignment with it. To flow with it - to get the lesson that the universe is trying to teach us. I believe that we each chose our date, place and time of birth prior to incarnation and that this is our map to self mastery. The map shows us what we need to heal, to transmute and to alchemize. It shows us the direction our soul wants to travel, what our hearts desire is, what our purpose is, what our soul mission. When we follow the path we created for ourselves the law of attraction brings everything we need. Until then, it brings us our unconscious mind as the archetypes of the planets play out their drama's through us. In this sense, everything we experience in life happens in order to help us- that is a very empowering way to view the world. The journey led to the creation of my Ikigai, my reason for being. Astrology was the map for me to get here. While Astrology showed me the way, what needed healing and what needed changing within me I still needed tools to help make the changes.

It is the journey that I have been on that has inspired me to create the methods of coaching I deliver today – while Astrology is the map, having a good navigator is not enough. It’s also necessary to know how to best operate the vehicle, how to improve the fuel consumption and how to read the landscape in relation to the map and how to make course corrections where necessary. The result is that I have put everything I have learned together, combined it with my professional training and qualifications and created this spiritual life coaching and healing course. 

I’m sure that the offer I provide will continue to evolve as I do. Each and every one of my clients are also my teachers. They guide me to create more, to learn more, to experience more. I learn something new in every session including the one off astrology readings or tarot readingsand use everything I learn to help my clients navigate through life, to develop a deep understanding of self, to develop mastery and to create a life in harmony with their soul – this is the ultimate in happiness.

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