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Spiritual Life Coach - Spiritual life astrology coaching courses with Rozanne Kay astrologer, Coach and Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner

astrology and spiritual life coaching offering life coaching courses as well as astrology readings, psychic tarot readings and spiritual healing.

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Astrology Readings - £155

Astrology readings are "live" sessions, you will be provided with a zoom link prior to your appointment time for you to join the meeting. Readings are recorded and you will receive a download link from "we transfer" for the recording after the session, sent to the email address you have provided in the booking. After you have booked your appointment you will receive a consultation form from "fresha" - please ensure that you have completed this at least 48 hours prior to your appointment as it is necessary for me to prepare your chart in advance of the appointment. If you have not completed the consultation form specifying your date, place and (if possible) time of birth I will not be able to prepare your chart in time for the appointment and therefore the appointment will be subject to the cancellation policy specified in "Fresha". 

Tarot Reading (psychic tarot)

Video recorded  tarot reading - £20

This reading is not a "live" reading and therefore you will not need to be available at the time slot you book. A download link of a recorded video of your tarot reading will be sent to the email address you have provided via WeTransfer within 24 hours of your booked appointment time. After you have booked you will receive a consultation form where you will be able to specify the guidance you would like to receive from the tarot and ask any questions you would like guidance from. Video's vary in length depending on how clear the guidance from the tarot is in relation to your query however on average range between 10 - 20 minutes. Payment will be taken at the point the video is transferred with WeTransfer - you will get 7 days to download it, so ensure that you check your email. 

Mini tarot reading (30 minutes) via zoom - £33

A live tarot reading via zoom. You will be sent a zoom link to join the meeting prior to your appointment time. This 30 minute session provides an overview of guidance on any issues you have a query about. 

In depth tarot reading (1 hour) online with zoom - £55

A live online tarot reading - you will be emailed a zoom link prior to the appointment time. This hour long reading gives additional time to explore more complex issues that you are seeking guidance for and may use additional tools to the tarot for deeper understanding of your situation. We may also explore guidance on how to begin to create change in your situation. 

Deep dive tarot reading (up to 2 hours) - £100

This two hour Tarot reading has a coaching element to it. We will explore, in depth, your current situation and then begin to look at ways to create change.  We may use Emotional Freedom Technique or other coaching techniques to begin to remove any blocks that have been identified via the tarot reading. I may also use additional tools to the tarot to gain deeper understanding of your situation. You will receive a zoom link prior to the appointment.

Spiritual Life Coaching & Healing

Emotional Freedom Technique: EFT (tapping) - £95

EFT (tapping) is an evidence based therapeutic method with over 100 studies demonstrating it's efficacy. It combines the stimulation of accupressure points with neuro-linguistic programming to help deal with stress, anxiety, depression, addiction recovery, negative beliefs such as low self-esteem/low self worth, pain management and help deal with the emotional side of chronic illness. It can also help with negative behaviours such as procrastination as well as behaviours that have resulted from trauma, for example, experiencing anger following abuse. EFT can help create lasting positive change with a number of physical and psychological issues. 90 minutes.

Emotional Freedom Technique: EFT (tapping) - 6 sessions - £455

For deep rooted issues multiple sessions of EFT will be beneficial. Although you will feel a difference straight away after the first session! To support people wanting to do deep emotional healing work I offer a discount when purchasing a block of 6 session. Ideally these sessions should be conducted weekly however there is flexibility. Buying 6 sessions in advance offers a discount of £115. Each session is 90 minutes.

Spiritual Life Coaching, one session - £155

These two hour sessions via zoom allow us to explore together your progress on the human journey and create momentum towards a preferred outcome. During the one off session, we may use a number of spiritual tools including tarot, astrology (if you have already had an astrological consultation with me), law of attraction techniques, Jungian coaching techniques such as inner child work, shadow work as well as EFT to remove any blocks and limiting beliefs that we identify. It is not necessary, however it is highly beneficial, to have had an astrological consultation with me prior to having spiritual life coaching sessions.

You will be sent a zoom link prior to the appointment for you to join the meeting.

Ultimate Spiritual Life Coaching one-to-one course, 6 weeks - £777

This is your Ultimate Spiritual Life Coaching Course combining a reading of your unique Astrological Birth chart and the transits to your chart with an additional 5 coaching sessions to create lasting positive change and healing in your life in any area of life you wish to work on. During the astrology session we will not only look at who you are now, but will go into past life stories and discover what you've carried here that is no longer serving you. We'll also look at beliefs developed in childhood. This is an intense course involving you committing to yourself to do the deep inner work necessary to create the life you intended to have pre-birth. I'll warn you, it's not a journey for the faint of heart - we will uncover and release so much deep rooted emotional baggage that you've been carrying around for years, possibly even lifetimes. It may feel uncomfortable to let it go! I will support you through the journey using all the tools in my toolbox to guide you towards individuation. This course provides a discount of £153 on the total price of booking seperate appointments and entitles you to ongoing 20% discount on any further one-off appointments. 

Talks, Parties and Group Sessions 

Rozanne is available to provide insirational speeches, talks, group sessions and parties. Please feel free to get in touch to discuss.

Clicking the "book" button for your chosen service will take you directly to the diary on the "Fresha" website/app where you can book your timeslot for an appointment. If there are no suitable timeslots available please  docontact me to discuss as I may have other availability that is not open to online bookings. For all "live" sessions you will receive a zoom link to the email address you have provided prior to your appointment. All appointments are conducted online via zoom (except recorded non-live sessions where you will receive a download link to your recorded video). You will need to secure the booking with your payment card however no money will be deducted from your account until we have finished your session except in circumstances where the cancellation policy has not been adhered to. I do offer a discount to block purchases of multiple sessions for coaching and EFT, in this case, payment will be deducted at the time of purchase.  If you'd prefer an "in person" session (Lancaster, UK), please specify at the time of booking and ensure that you have provided your phone number for me to provide details on how to get here. By booking you will be creating a profile with Fresha and given the option as to whether you'd like to receive marketing emails or not. I can assure you that I have much better things to do with my time than writing emails to spam your inbox! However, Fresha does send occasional automated emails offering a discount on future services. You can opt out of that at any time.